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Arredostucco | Colori sacco

* Available in fine grain | Disponibile in grana fine
* Ebenfalls feinkörnig verfügbar | Disponible en grain fin


Coloured natural mortar for high transpirability grouting of reconstructed stone and brick covering.
Yield: 8-12 kg/m2 depending on the joints.

Why ARREDOstucco?

Use ARREDOSTUCCO to obtain grouting with excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and efflorescence formation, low water absorption and high breathability.

The available different colours and finishing degrees as well as great processing versatility enhance the aesthetic appearance of the coating, having been precisely designed to highlight and perfectly integrate with the various models of Pietre d’Arredo reconstructed stone.

The grouting of reconstructed stone covering is an integral key element to the final result of the work. The grout colour and the quantity in the joint as well as the different processing techniques will determine the uniqueness and credibility of the reconstructed stone wall.

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