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Arredocolla | Colori

High performance professional smoothing adhesive composed of mineral binders, no vertical slip, for reconstructed stone and brick laying. Yield: 6-7 kg/m2 according to the kind of support.


ARREDOCOLLA consists of hydraulic binders, selected mineral fillers and special additives that improve workability and help reduce the formation of efflorescence on the surface of reconstructed stone tiles and bricks, unlike the adhesives commonly used in the building industry.

It ensures perfect adhesion on all cement-based substrates normally used in the building industry and no vertical slip, even where laying large elements.

Once hardened, it has outstanding mechanical properties, flexibility and excellent steam permeability: all these specifications make ARREDOCOLLA the only adhesive perfectly compatible with Pietre d’Arredo reconstructed stone and bricks, also enhancing their technical characteristics.

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